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The Underdogs of Bermuda

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The average Bermudian earns $400 a week per job, that's $1600 a month.
The cheapest 1-Bedroom apartment, if you can find it, costs $1500 per month.
Most Bermudians are forced to work 2 or 3 jobs just to make ends meet.

Does this seem reasonable to YOU?

The older generation is working itself to death and long past retirement age to afford the ever increasing cost of living in Bermuda.
The younger generation is either working ittself into an early grave, shacking up with their partners (which is frowned upon by the money-grubbing landlords), or living with their parents into their 30s (which is frowned upon by said parents).
Many people of both younger and older generations are choosing to leave their homeland to seek their fortunes in cheaper countries.

Our Mission

I call upon the sensible citizens of Bermuda to do something about this deplorable situation. And I chastise the Housing Corporation, the Banks and the greedy landlords for creating it.

For many years we have been promised low-cost housing. Exactly when are we going to get it? Will it be when we start living wall to wall with 5 or more per apartment? Will it be when all the locals start living out in the streets? The Government and all other housing agencies have been promising a solution for many a year. It's long past time to stand up and deliver. And, just so we're clear, we don't need any more over-priced condominiums! and we certainly don't need any more over-priced hotels, especially since tourism is declining!

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